Friday, October 31, 2008

Making Meals and Snacks More Satisfying

Which place setting would you want to sit down at? Part of making a satisfying meal is actually sitting down and enjoying it. A big pile of mush is not that exciting, so making your food look visually good is important. (As a side note here, I'm not talking about breakfast, lunch and dinner, unless you have time for that- most of us don't)

So visual appeal is the first easy thing you can do.

Use your good dishes, place mats or tablecloth and cloth napkins.
Use a pleasant centerpiece on your table or light a candle.
Use smaller dishes, or fill up half your larger plate with salad and/or veggies. (is there anything worse then having a small serving of food on a huge plate?!)
Use fancy glasses or goblets for water.
Have your kids help you. They always have creative fun ideas.

Obviously it is important that we make our meals or snacks physically satisfying too. We need to leave the table feeling like we've eaten and not just had an appetizer:)

Choose low energy dense foods. These are core foods that contain more air, water or fiber. Any foods with a blue check mark next to them on WW materials is a great choice.
Incorporate the Good Health Guidelines that add feelings of satisfaction and fullness.
Eat from a variety of food groups and make sure to get plenty of fruits and vegetables.
Chew your food- really taste what you are eating.

Think of other ways this week that you can make your meals more satisfying.

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