Friday, June 23, 2017

Hiking Central Oregon

Sometimes it is a challenge to find a hike close by. I really don't like driving 2+ hours to find a good hike in the mountain and trees. 
Central Oregon high desert does have beauty of its own, but you have to look for it!

 My world is starting to brown up despite the wet spring. The buttes and grasses will stay brown until they get covered with snow. Arrowleaf balsamroot is native to my area and is such a bright spot in late spring.

 We made it this far, but weren't prepared to cross. 
 It was a warm day and Elsa was happy for the water.
The canyon has some wonderful rock formations.

The weather has turned very warm and any hiking I do will need to be in the shady mountains or very early morning. 

I hope your days are filled with lots of sunshine and fun! Summer is officially here!!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Running in Ohio

If you have read this blog for any length of time you know I like to run in different areas I'm visiting. Near Kathy's  is the Greenway Trail  which was absolutely beautiful! They have paved over old railway lines and now they are used for bikes, runners, walkers. 

Spring was a perfect time to be enjoying the trail for the first time!
For my first run I made the mistake of taking this route back to Kathy's. What you can't tell is that this is a very busy road with hardly any shoulder!

The second run I had Kat bring me to the trailhead and asked her to pick me up in 45 minutes. That worked out and although it was a bit of a pain for Kat it was nice not to run on the busy road!
Look how pretty this is!

For a time I thought Tarzan might come swinging through on a vine!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Second race of the 2017

Shortly after our first race of 2017 my daughter asked if I'd like to do another one with her. This was over Memorial weekend and a good portion of it was on a trail around the Deschutes River.

This is not my photo but wanted you to see how beautiful it is. 
 It was very warm but we finished with a smile on our face!
Followed by lunch in the sun!

I've got some hiking planned but no races for awhile. My next biggie is the 216 mile relay the first few days of August.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Exploring Oregon

I've been trying to go to a few new hiking ventures. The mountains to my north and south are still blocked by SNOW. So we headed east to the Sutton Mountain Wilderness Study Area. The directions and trail were vague at best. 

 I was hoping to find some wildflowers and I did! Not all of my photos turned out but this one of wild lupine did. When the sun is bright and skies are blue it is hard to take photos.
 This was the "trail" we followed up Black Canyon. It looked to us like an old riverbed.
 I sure wished I had wore my boots rather than my trail shoes.
Parts of the canyon had this little creek. Some places it just came out of the ground.

When we started climbing we pretty much made our own trail (or followed Elsa)

 And up, up up!
 The views were pretty amazing!
Rewarded with more wildflowers. 

It wasn't the longest of hikes, but vigorous, for sure!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Finding Spring

I'm trying to get out when the weather is good and I have an open calendar. This was my birthday hike!

 Smith Rock is popular with rock climbers and hikers.
 This rock formation is called Monkey Face.

 Michelle's birthday is the same day as mine (different year!) so she opted to spend a girls weekend in Bend and it included a hike along Fall River. The elevation was over 4000' and it was snowing on our way to the trail-head. It was chilly, but a fun hike with a great group of women.

Hiking is on my agenda for this weekend too!

Love to you all!

Friday, May 5, 2017

In Search of Spring

There is still a little snow on the mountains, but this particular day I didn't need my spikes! LOL  A friend asked if I want to hike Dog Mountain on the Columbia River and of course I said YES!

 Here's the Columbia that separates Oregon from Washington. We were above the tree line at this point. It was 3.8 miles of some serious altitude gain!

 American Women who Hike is a new facebook group I've joined started by Bethani who is in the center. This is us at the top.
And us back at sea level. I've been sore all week! LOL

Get outdoors!

Friday, April 28, 2017

First Race of 2017

 Last Sunday my daughter came down form Portland and ran a race in Bend with me. It has been while since she raced and the day was perfect for it.

 Michelle is always the instigator. C'mon! Let's enter this race! 
 My daughter took the photos. 
If you look closely I'm running across the way in the green shirt.

 Running along the Deschutes River is wonderful!
As is the after run beer!

We've signed up for one more 10K in a month! In Bend. That will keep us running this month.

Have an active and healthy weekend!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Looking for Spring

We've had little glimpses of spring and I'm in search!

desert phlox

Probably weeds, but they are pretty in abundance. 
 We headed up to the mountains and the trails are still buried in snow! We had to look for lower elevation to take a walk. This is the East Fork of the Hood River.

We drove up to historic Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood and wow! What a view!

You may recognize this if you've ever seen the movie The Shining. 

The lodge was one of many that were built in the 1930's by the WPA to put people back to work during the great depression. I wish we made things this well these days. 

This is a hooked rug made from the uniforms of the WPA workers! 
I thought that was so cool. They wasted nothing! Let's take a page book from the 1930's!

Read about the historic lodge HERE. 

Keep on moving!