Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Central Oregon

This is what you do when the snow blade is on the big truck and the only vehicle is my car! 

 They both look a little goofy. What are we doing in here?
 We were finding blue skies and mountain views. 

Here is a view of my town.

The temps have gotten COLD! highs in the mid-40's, lows in the teens! Clear skies and sunshine make it a bit more tolerable.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Blue Skies; Hikers Delight

Our weather has turned cold (highs in the 40's, low in the 20's)  and it seems like every other day is cloudy/rainy then sunny and cold. I tossed the doggies in the pick up and went for a quick 
hike up Gray Butte hoping to get a good view of the mountains. 

 This is looking back toward my town. As you can see, I'm not kidding when I say I live in the desert!I'm surrounded by sagebrush, juniper trees and tumbleweeds!
 There's the Three Sisters shrouded in clouds. 
 And over that way is Mt Jefferson. Those rock formations in the center are fairly common in my area too.

Elsa is almost as tall as Porter now!
 I kept them on their leash most of the time, but a mountain biker passed and said he was the only one on the trail, so I let them off leash for a while.
 At the trailhead there is an old apple orchard. Someone must have tried to homestead at one point.
I'm not sure why the orchard is fenced in. 

My little protector growled at 2 men I passed on the trail. Good girl. She has never done that when Cory was with me. It seems she would be more apt to follow a stranger hiking then she would attack, but a wee bit of growl is not a bad thing when I'm hiking alone.

Keep on moving!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Mindful Thanksgiving

Even if we don't have much, we have enough! Do something active today to burn some calories!! As soon as the bird is in the oven I'm going out for a run.
Be thankful and be mindful today.
with thanksgiving in my heart, Lori

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Weekend Hiking

I should have been home taking it easy, but instead I couldn't help myself ! The sun was shining a little,  there was no snow on the ground, and my sister was visiting. 

We went for a 5 mile jaunt next to the Deschutes River. 

And my cold returned with a vengeance. I suppose it may have anyway, but it was probably a wiser decision to stay home and relax. Too late now and it sure was pretty!

It won't be too long and I'll have to use snowshoes. 

Friday, October 27, 2017

Looking for Autumn- We found Winter

We wanted to take one last camping trip before winter really set in....oh yeah..well it snowed most of the way up. I didn't realize the elevation was 5000'!! Well, we thought we may as ell stay and make the best of it.

 It really was beautiful!
 The larches are putting on a show.

 This reminded me of Christmas.

 After the snow, we had rain, which melted a bit of snow. We took a little trip around the lake. If you look closely Porter and Elsa are starting to cross the bridge.  They had a great time.
 Lots of beaver signs.
And looks at this! A beaver dam! Looking to the left center of the photo you can see the trail they used to move around. We only saw them swimming around the lake, not a good sighting though.
 And after the snow and then the rain, the sun broke through the clouds.
And we went fishing! And basked in the sunshine!!

Have a wonderful weekend. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Grasping Autumn!

We had clear skies in the forecast so I thought I better make a plan to get out and enjoy it!

This is near my home. You can see it's completely different than my mountain hikes. No matter what you think of Oregon, I live in the high desert! Late fall everything is pretty much brown.

 Fresh snow has fallen in the mountains. This is Mount Jefferson.
 These are the Three Sisters.

Mt Hood in the distance.

Then yesterday we took the scenic route home- only possible because there hasn't been a huge amount of snow in the mountain. 

I actually brought my tennis shoes to change into- I hate to miss an opportunity to run around outside!

 Timothy Lake
It was darker than the photo shows and the fog over the swamp looked eerily awesome!

Make it a fantastic week!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Chasing Autumn Colors!

Last Friday Elsa and I took the long hike to Green lakes and surprisingly we didn't see much fall color. So I found a few "easier" hikes on Mt Hood that hubby and I could both do while he still recovers from surgery. I was hoping for more color and we got it!
This was the trail to Tamanawas Falls. 

1/4 mile from the falls was a rock slide with massive boulders. We had the dogs and our older one wasn't up to rock climbing (and I wasn't keen on hubby doing it either) but he offered to stay with the dogs while I went and took a peek. This is what I found!
It was very pretty and we will need to go back at a later date so we can see it together.

Later we accidentally came across this short trail-head to Umbrella Falls. I've heard of it but have never seen it.

 You can't tell but it was raining pretty good at this point and my feet had gotten wet as I opted to wear my trail shoes and not my boots. After lunch and a hot coffee with Irish cream we were ready for another short hike.
This. is Trillium Lake

It was a fun way to end our Saturday. 

Snow is coming in the mountains now so if I do any hiking it will be in the desert.
I also got to try out the water reservoir in my backpack. I LOVE it! No more fooling around with water bottles...

Make it a healthy weekend!