Monday, July 21, 2014

What's in My Box?

I actually didn't get a box this week, but look at this beautiful produce I picked up!

 white and orange carrots
Leaf lettuce
golden beets (Can't wait to try these)
Went to Saturday market for fruit. The bowl was packaged together for a "stir-fry" mix. What a great idea! The blueberries are amazing and plan on getting lots more of them and freezing some. 1 pound of huge Oregon blueberries was 3.50! I was surprised to see spinach still, so I snagged that as it seems to be too hot for it now.

Here's my stir fry. Isn't is beautiful? I added beef strips and stir fry sauce and it couldn't have been simpler! I love summer produce!!

What's in season where you are?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Keep on Movin'!

I'm on a quilt retreat and lest you think I'm only quilting you would be wrong. 

If I only stayed inside look at this beautiful view I'd be missing!

After a long walk with the girls I stole away for a short bike ride! The shade was great since it has been very hot.

This was the sky tonight. So pretty.

Have a fantastic and healthy weekend!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Eat This...Not That

I've got a new recipe to post. This would make a terrific side dish instead of mayo-laden potato or macaroni salad. I believe I got it from the Runner's World web page.
It's so versatile you can change up the amounts according to what you have.
I'll call it Corn Salad:

I boiled 3 ears of corn, then I popped them on the grill to give them more depth of flavor.
You can see I like to grill veggies.

I diced into bite size pieces, 2 large tomatoes.

Topped with feta cheese.

Get yourself some fresh basil. 

I actually roll the leaves up together and use my kitchen shears to cut them into pieces. 

Ah, such pretty colors!
I cut the corn kernels off the cob, added them to the bowl and added a little extra virgin olive oil to combine. 

Eat at room temp or refrigerated. Delicious the next day as well.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

In the Garden (just not mine, yet)

We have a new organic farm close by. They are also doing CSA boxes but have enough produce to sell.  Look at the beautiful chard!  I bought a freshly cut bunch of Romaine, the chard,  and this big bag of spinach for $10. (I think that is what it was) I was feeling pretty good about that.

And because I live in the country we also have a stand with the honor system. I needed some fresh tomatoes so took a quick jaunt to my nearby outdoor refrigerator and picked up a bag of lovely red tomatoes for $3!!

Just one more reason to love summer!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Working out With Pandora

I only recently found out that Pandora has workout stations! I listen to Pandora on my computer when I'm sewing, cleaning, or cooking.  Since I am not going to the gym I am working out with weights at home and tried the music for the first time the other day. 

I started with Hard Rock Strength Training, but most of it was too hard rock for me. I ended up at Classic Rock Power Workout and can see me trying others as well. It is a good way for me to find new running music and change things up.
What station would you listen to?

Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout

Iggy Azalea, Pitbull, David Guetta, Jason DeRulo

Dance Cardio

Rap Strength Training

Pop Fitness

Hard Rock Strength Training

Country Fitness


80s Cardio

Latin Workout

Classic Rock Power Workout

Alternative Endurance Training

Electronic Cardio

Bollywood Workout

Friday, June 27, 2014

What's in My Box?

I've got all kinds of goodies this week. Most will be eaten fresh- no recipes.

Carrots, broccoli (eaten already), celery, strawberries, chard, field greens, cucumbers, will be chopped for salad or added to smoothies. The cucumbers are bumpy like pickles but they taste delicious as is.

Look at the upper left- 1 (yes, one!) jalapeno pepper! lol Not sure what to do with that.

The curly-cue greens? Garlic-scapes. I had no idea what to do with them but I came up with garlicscape pesto. Yikes! It is so strong a very little goes a long way...... I think I'll be freezing it and adding it to soups and roasts. You can find all about it HERE.

One of my favorite things about summer is the produce. I cannot get enough of it!

Have a happy and healthy weekend.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Power to the Greens

I found this great mix the other day at Trader Joe's.  Kale, chard and spinach. Now I don't have to decide what type of greens to put in my afternoon smoothie!
Do you have any new-to-you healthy food finds?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Almost Summer

Our summer weather has returned! Yay!

And I had a wonderful run in a new area. 

Have a fantastic and healthy week!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Work It!

I have to admit I'm really struggling with fitting time into my day for a workout. I know I feel better mentally and physically when I move. The weather is turning nice again and I'm hoping that will make it easier to get outside for a walk or run.
Must. make. it. happen!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Keeping Sanity

In the middle of a crazy week I kept some plans I had made previously. Although I woke up with a stomach bug hanging over the toilet seat I did make it to a concert with friend and quilter Michelle.
American Authors, The Script, and One Republic

George was supposed to attend the Seattle Mariner's game with us, and we honored him by attending anyway. He would want it that way. Twelve of the family members went and we had a good time. Here I am getting to know my great- nephew. We were both ready to catch a fly ball. Maybe next time.

It has been one of the busiest and most difficult two weeks in a long time, but having fun and being with others is a good part of staying healthy!

Love to you all!