Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekend Chill

It was another hot weekend but we were in the mountains so it wasn't too bad. 
The sky both nights was amazing! We didn't stay up late enough to watch the stars but there were plenty after the sun went down. Oh it was super quiet too.
We camped at a hunting spot. The fire pit was about 6' across and 2 feet deep! Needless to say we only made a tiny fire.
We hiked on Saturday. 6.37 with an elevation gain of 1000'. I contemplated trail running  but the trail was rough. Several times we had to make our way around blow downs and even lost the trail at one point.

I could see on my GPS (using you do not need cell service to use it) Independence Mine which we hiked to.

 The Ochoco Forest has huge ponderosa pines that help put life into perspective.

It was a relaxing weekend and a good time to regroup mentally.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Hiking Moran State Park

There is a gorgeous state park on Orcas Island and thankfully Diane likes to hike as much as I do. 

 Love this archway entrance.
We chose Cascade lake to hike around with a little side hike to Cascade falls.

 I live in the desert with very few trees, so I LOVE this type of hiking! The moss is awesome.

 My favorite photo from the hike.
And I went for a swim when we finished. My GPS said 6.1 miles. 

It was fantastic!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Seen on My Run on Orcas Island

I love running in new places! You see so much when on foot. 

My first run on vacation brought me to more water so I had to turn around and figure out how to add to my run. It was fun to see it on my gps map!

The beaches on Orcas Island are beautiful but not soft and sandy. 

 Little rabbit foo-foo hopping through the meadow.....
 This is a madrone tree, native to the western coast of USA and Canada. 

This was the start of the public path right outside our hotel! I loved it!

I managed to run 8.75 miles and hiked 6.1. I'll share hiking photos next week! It was amazing!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Cascade Lakes Relay 2016

It was July 15 when my friend Michele asked if I wanted to be on a relay team that was racing July 29-30. Someone had to drop out and they were looking for one more. We had talked about the race when she was here for the Sisters show, so I knew a little about it. It didn't take me too long to say I'd do it. I really had no idea what I was in for.

There is 2 vans, 6 people per van. Our van was starting the race at Diamond Lake at 6:40. We had 6 race legs, then we'd pass off to the other van and they would run 6 race legs, and continue that 3 times to the end. The race legs were varied in difficulty and length.

Leg 4 - photo from CLR website

It was so nice to have lots of information about the leg you were going to be running. This was my first leg. It was HOT and dusty!
The trail ran parallel to the highway. By mile 3 I thought I was going to pass out from the heat. I took a Gu and dumped water on my head and felt better. My last mile was seriously slow, but I made it!

While the other van was running we got to rest up, eat and take an icy shower! (mosquitoes were eating us up even with DEET on) 

My next leg was going to be at night! I've only ran at night on new year's eve, so I knew this was going to be an adventure.
There was a bit of hills but because it was at night, it was hard to tell. (thanks goodness!) The elevation at 4300+  makes running more difficult as well.
 I started my run way past my bedtime! LOL I enjoyed this run a lot.
There were rules about being lit up and wearing reflective vests. This is my friend Michele ready to rock her leg and pass off to me.
Decorating the van and adding lights for our night run made it way easier to find our van day or night.

 I wasn't that excited to run the next day in the heat of the day again. I told myself I'd take it 2 miles at a time. Nice, slow gradual incline..... Look at that elevation! That killed me more than anything. I could hardly breathe!

Some of it was shady like this, but mostly in the direct sun. It was hot, but thankfully only in the 80's and not 90's like the day before.

 Here was our van when the last person finished their last leg! The race was over for us!! Woo-Hoo!
Here's the whole team at the finish line. We finished in 37:26:59. At this time I thought I'd do it once and call it good. It was grueling and hot, not enough sleep...... But if I would have been able to train I could have done so much better. It is such a challenge that I may need to do it next year!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What are Gaitors?

After the South Sisters post Lizzy asked what gaiters do. Great question! They certainly don't make a fashion statement! Mine, on the left, are called desert gaiters, Rene's in the middle were trail running gators and Hannah's on the right were trail running gaiters as well, but made from a stretchy material.
The "debris" on the mountain is a lot of loose rocks and shale. The last mile is brutal. two steps up, one step sliding back.
Going up isn't near the problem of keeping debris out of your shoes ......
Going down is much worse. The first time climbing South Sisters I got so much loose rock in my shoe and going down such a steep incline for miles that my toes were so squished I ended up losing 2 toenails. (as if my feet aren't ugly enough!)

I neglected to say after making it down this amazingly steep 2 miles, (it goes flat for a short ways before getting steep again) I tripped over a root and went flying onto my knees and hands! The girls were behind me and were so scared I broke an ankle. Thank goodness I didn't, but my knees are scabbed, bruised and swollen!  Icing them several days in a row have been helpful. Geez!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Easy Weekend

We've had plans to get away on the weekends Cory has off and this was one of them!
We went to a new to us campground on the South Fork of the McKenzie River. 

 We found ourselves a little beach and enjoyed the morning before it got too warm. 
 All that dog paddling wore out Porter. I was resting on a mat right next to him and thought this was a cute photo op.
 We went for a few easy hikes through the woods.
 This was the view from our camping spot. The running river was so nice to doze off to sleep.
The dogs loved playing in the high grass on another little hike we took.

We stopped for lunch on the way home. I love our camper!

Have a great week!