Monday, October 29, 2018

Last Camping Trip

I thought this would be the last camping trip but I met my sister halfway between her place and mine and we tent camped 2 more nights while our nice fall weather was hanging on.
This was Clear Lake on Mt Hood on October 13th.
 Amazing sunset.
 Amazing coffee over the morning fire.
 Little sparkles of autumn color.
 Fishing all to ourselves. 
 Chilly but sunshiney.
More beautiful sunsets.

 Hunting dog Elsa who treed a squirrel! LOL 
 Amazing night time skies.
More sparkles of autumn and blue skies.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Half Marathon to end September

After all the backpacking and hiking I happened to have a half marathon scheduled. I signed up in March so hadn't even thought I'd be backpacking the two weekends prior. Even though when I signed up I thought I could train enough to possible beat my fastest 1/2. I knew going into this race that would not be a possibility. But I had a good time  anyway.

My favorite races are all women. I like the camaraderie. 
I heard they'd be serving pancakes after the race, so here I am with pancakes and beer! LOL(after the race) I will say the pancakes were more like a sandwich since I just put a bit of peanut butter and cinnamon on it and rolled it up. 

                        Start line, prerace.
It was called the Country Girls race and these ladies had a bit of fun dressing the part. Aren't they adorable? I have no idea how they ran with all that on. (they were doing the 6.2 miler)

 Running next to the Columbia River is amazing. It is the dividing line between Oregon and Washington.

The "medal" was cute but also annoying since it was a cow bell!!

I'm laying low, resting and recovering at this point. But I'm dreaming about all the fun I'll have next summer!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Final Backpack of the Season

Cory and I wanted to do one more backpacking trip for the season. So we decided to do Broken Top Loop last weekend, starting early Friday.

 The first 4 miles brought us through this burn area. Thankfully there were a few pretty sites to be seen.

 The first night we stayed near Golden Lake.
 Three Sisters in the background.

Enjoying  morning coffee in the sun.

 With this view.
Hiking towards Broken top next to South Sisters

 Our first good view of Green Lakes. (there is 3 of them)

This was brutal. We had already hiked about 10 miles! Our plan was to make it to Broken Top lake. 

But the winds kicked up heavy so we decided to head to some trees to make camp in a bit of shelter.

And this is what greeted us in the morning. It was very cold, but more than that visibility was so low we didn't feel like we could safely continue the loop since we wouldn't be able to see any landmarks. We had a map and GPS so that wasn't the problem, but neither of us wanted to go up in elevation to continue following the trail. 

It so happened I had reception on my phone so we called my BIL to pick us up at a different trail head. We still had to hike 6 miles in snow, wind and rain. 
And then we got lunch and a beer!  
It was a memorable weekend that's for sure!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Late Summer 2018 BackPacking

My friend, Linda, has been backpacking for a couple of years now and I feel she was the driving force to make me want to try it. We made plans for a girlfriend's backpacking trip to Goat Rocks Wilderness in Washington. It was pretty awesome!

 We car camped at Chambers lake the precious night so we could get on the trail at a decent time. It was a beautiful morning. I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

 Goats in the Goat Rock Wilderness!
 Curious marmots too!
 Alpine Goat Lake.
 Mt Ranier

Sunrise coffee hour.

Another epic view of the mountains, this time, fully loaded. 

I really love backpacking and going only where feet will take you, but have a very hard time sleeping, even with a comfy pad and fluffy sleeping bag. 

Friday, August 31, 2018

August Adventures

Where has the month gone? I've been keeping busy enjoying the outdoors as much as possible this month. Here's a recap.
Camping near Big Summit Prairie

A crazy storm came through and lit up the sky!

We moved to Antelope Flats reservoir. We fished, the dogs played hard.

2 weeks later I met my sister in McCall ,Idaho.

The smoke had rolled in a bit with the clouds. We obviously aren't doing a good job of managing our forests. I cannot remember when my sister said this fire was. 

 It isn't that pretty to look at, but fire is good for our forests. The sheer number of forest fires every summer seems to increase and the underbrush and weak forests make for out of control fires. That is not good for us or the firefighters.
 On our second hike we went out on a point that is out on the lake. These aspen were so tall and amazing! They seem to be competing with the old growth pine trees!!

The next weekend I heard about a Hood to Coast relay team who had a member drop out. Would I like to join? For free? When I found out the team captain and wife lived in Central Oregon I knew it was meant to be. I met them Wednesday night, drove into Portland for a team meeting. (a full relay team is 12 persons, 2 vans) Thursday night and we took off for the starting line Friday morning. 
We were above the clouds and brrrr is was cold and windy! But we were ready!

This was the end of my first leg. It was 7.1 miles. One leg I ran in the middle of the night and the next day mid afternoon was my third leg.
It is called Hood to Coast and my last leg brought me through the coast mountain range- so grateful most of it was downhill! I couldn't help but snap this photo of the lovely aspen. 

And when Van 1 was done, we celebrated. 

My team was made up of good good people! I couldn't have planned that better if I would have hand picked them myself.

And there was a big celebration at the finish line which was at Seaside Oregon. 

I hadn't actually trained enough to pull that off well, so I've been resting this week! 

I've got lots of fun stuff planned for September as well! Gotta enjoy this weather while we can.

Happy weekend!