Friday, April 28, 2017

First Race of 2017

 Last Sunday my daughter came down form Portland and ran a race in Bend with me. It has been while since she raced and the day was perfect for it.

 Michelle is always the instigator. C'mon! Let's enter this race! 
 My daughter took the photos. 
If you look closely I'm running across the way in the green shirt.

 Running along the Deschutes River is wonderful!
As is the after run beer!

We've signed up for one more 10K in a month! In Bend. That will keep us running this month.

Have an active and healthy weekend!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Looking for Spring

We've had little glimpses of spring and I'm in search!

desert phlox

Probably weeds, but they are pretty in abundance. 
 We headed up to the mountains and the trails are still buried in snow! We had to look for lower elevation to take a walk. This is the East Fork of the Hood River.

We drove up to historic Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood and wow! What a view!

You may recognize this if you've ever seen the movie The Shining. 

The lodge was one of many that were built in the 1930's by the WPA to put people back to work during the great depression. I wish we made things this well these days. 

This is a hooked rug made from the uniforms of the WPA workers! 
I thought that was so cool. They wasted nothing! Let's take a page book from the 1930's!

Read about the historic lodge HERE. 

Keep on moving!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Hiking Central Oregon

We were so snowed in most of the winter that as soon as a little spring weather hit we were outdoors  enjoying a few local hikes. Except for the last 3 photos these were all different hikes. 

 Old Criterion Ranch hike. It was a little early in the year and very muddy! 
(Porter and Elsa in the photo didn't seem to mind the mud)
Trout Creek Hike (this is actually the Deschutes River) 

This is Crooked River

 Stealhead falls on the Deschutes River. 
 View from Gray Butte. It was supposed to be sunny this day.... 
Then we hiked into Walton Lake in the Ochoco mountains. Although it is about 
5000' elevation we were surprised to find so much snow! It was hard to see where the trail is. In some places we sunk to our knees. 

 We brought our fishing poles. We weren't prepared to ice fish though, so we just enjoyed a picnic lunch. It was chilly, but oh so pretty! Look at that blue sky!
We hiked out a different way than we hiked in and passed the pay station. It really gives you an idea of how much snow is still there. 

I've definitely been staying active and still on track for my 10K training for the race in 2 weeks. 

I hope you are having a healthy spring!

Monday, March 13, 2017

In the Kitchen

Here's a new-to- me kitchen appliance!

It's an Instant Pot!! Basically an electric pressure cooker with added features. It sautes and is a slow cooker. It says it is a 6 in 1, but I haven't tried all the features yet. I've made a pot roast, whole chicken, chicken breast which I shredded for tacos, veggie stock from scraps, chicken stock from bones. There is so much more it can do and I'm learning something every day.
If you have an Instant Pot do you have a favorite recipe?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Blog is Neglected, Not Me!

 While in the Seattle area a couple of weeks ago Michelle and I went for a run by Lake Washington. I'm still on task for the Couch 2 10K. When I haven't ran in a few months (November- January)  it is always a good idea for me to add my minutes back in slowly. I'm halfway through the 12 week program and feel like I'll be ready to run the 10K April 23rd in Bend, Oregon. I'm using THIS training.  The ultimate goal is to be prepared for the Cascade Lakes Relay in August.

I'm still going to yoga and I absolutely love it. A well trained instructor makes all the difference in the world! She started teaching a spinning class too, which I'm also doing once a week.

So, keep on moving!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Winter Hiking

The weekend brought fairly clear skies and a little sun, so we thought we'd get outdoors for a bit. 
 This is a small part of Smith Rock State park. We took a less traveled route since everybody and their brother thought they needed to get outdoors too! This is a very popular rock climbing area- and if you want to see us doing it for my husband's birthday in 2011 check out THIS BLOG POST.
 Down by the river are old growth ponderosa pines. They are amazing old trees.

 The dogs were happy to get out of the house too!

 It was a chilly day despite the sun. If we were hiking on an area that doesn't get sun it was still snowy and icy. The trail was very muddy in some areas.
 This really isn't rock climbing, but some other crazy adrenaline sport!

Was great to get out of the house!

More snow is in the forecast- I hope it's wrong. We've had enough!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Couch 2 10K

Because I haven't ran since October I needed to start with baby steps again. This year I will train a bit differently than in years past. In the past I've signed up for a spring and fall half marathon with a few shorter races scattered between. This year my focus race is a 216 mile relay in August.

The Bend half marathon also added a 10K that I'm focusing on for now. So I'm on week 3 of the Couch 2 10K plan that I found online HERE.
I started it when the roads were clear of snow and ice. Now that they are covered again I'm at the gym on a treadmill! I actually don't mind the treadmill much, although the scenery isn't as nice. LOL

April 23- 10K
August 4 -5 Cascade Lakes Relay

At this point I don't have any other races or physical challenges on my schedule. If someone wants to do something with me, I'm open, whether it is a race, a hike or some other fun adventure. Let me know!

PS, I've added yoga to my workout mix and am really curious how they will affect or help my running.

Have a healthy weekend!

Monday, January 23, 2017

I'm Movin' Mountains!

Our town Challenge Movin' Mountains has started again. I'm all about accountability and several events, gyms, aquatic center have special deals if you are involved in the challenge.

I've also been doing a challenge with my yoga teacher. Our first food goal was to eat 5 fruits and veggies every day. I have a smoothie with spinach, 1/2 banana, and some other type of frozen fruit every morning, so there is 3 out of the 5.

The second food thing she has been having us do is eat 1/2 our weight in protein, every day! In order to keep track I started keeping a journal of what I eat on My Fitness Pal. I can keep a total of my protein that way. I have to keep an eye on it, but so far it hasn't been too difficult either.

So, there's my January tips. Try to do those 2 things if you don't already.
I went out for my first run this past weekend! Yay! For no snow on the roads!!

Monday, January 2, 2017

REVOLUTION: 31 Days of Yoga

I signed up online for 31 days of yoga.
I can't say I've been a huge fan, but a new teacher has come to the gym and I like her a lot. She makes sure we are doing the poses properly and I feel so good the next day.

This is pretty much me at yoga class, although I don't say it out loud!

So, I thought I'd sign up for Yoga Revolution.

I had a helper!

The goal: to be more present.

Further results: feel more smiley, enjoy body image, sit taller, walk lighter, move with more ease and have more energy for crushing it at life.

It's only January 2nd and you can still get it on it HERE

May we all have, and create a healthy 2017! It won't happen by itself.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Keep on Moving!

The weather has been crazy, but I'm still moving when I can. Yoga has been cut to once a week, but I've also been doing a 15 day challenge with an exercise video every day. 
We had a rare nice day that was over 10 degrees and took the dogs out for a walk.

I wore my yak trax since the last thing I want to do is fall!

Keep on moving when you can! See you after the new year!