Monday, March 12, 2018

Signs of Spring

We have had a very mild winter, but it hasn't been nice enough to spend much time outside, until yesterday!

This is Chimney Rock, fairly near my town. (45min drive is fairly close) I went here about a month ago, but missed the trail and the dogs and I never made it! 

 LOOK! A little sign of spring.
You can hardly see in the photo but there are 2 of the 3 Sisters mountains  in the distance.

Driving up the canyon was some amazing rock formations.

I couldn't get Porter or Elsa to pose with me.

I hope today is a taste of more sunshine to come!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Chasing Sunshine in January

 We have had a very mild winter, but I still prefer the warm temperatures. When it's fair and sunny I'm doing my best to get out and enjoy it. Almost 2 weeks ago now, I had hubby drop me and Elsa off at a trailhead and we were hiking to Smith Rock state park where he was going to pick us up a few hours later. I've been to Gray Butte and Smith Rock, but never on the trail connecting the two. It would have been close to 10 miles, but we missed the trailhead and ended up at 8.1 miles. I think my weight training is paying off as I felt strong, even carrying a 13 pound pack.
The first few miles were a little muddy. I wasn't loving that, but soon the trail dried up. 

 These photos give you a good idea of the high desert of Oregon where I live. 
 We get about 10" of precipitation a year.

 Old growth juniper trees.

Across the way is where our hike started.

 I knew I was getting close when I started seeing rock formations.

This Saturday is supposed to be decent as far as weather... I'm investigating where I should go. 

Keep on moving!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

January HIking

While many were in the deep freeze we had a sunny but cold day. We didn't waste it as it has been very gray and gloomy. 
Our plan was to go on a 5 mile loop starting at Tumalo Falls. The road to the falls was closed so we started with a 2.5 mile trek down the road. 

 And finally made it. 
 We hiked to the top of the falls which was where the loop was going to start. 
 We put on our yaktrax, since the trail was ICE and very slick!
 The loop has 10 waterfalls and we made it to the first one called Double falls.
 I really liked the black and white since there really wasn't a lot of color anyway. (notice I got out my trekking poles too!)  We went back the way we came, but when we got to the falls we saw a trail that would bring us back to our vehicle. That sounded a lot more fun then trekking the road.
 This looks like a fun, flat area, but it was still very icy. I think my yoga was put into action- I'm learning balance.

And we got back to the truck about 4:50. I wasn't keen on using headlamps on the ice. Thankfully we didn't have to. Boy, I was sure sore later that day and the next! I got an extra workout. 7.11 miles total and 4.6 on ice. I'm looking forward to returning in summer!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Hiking on Maui

I needed to back up a little here and record my hike in Maui! I left at dark from the trailhead and the sunrise was amazing. Haha, you'll see from the many photos I took! 

 Across the water was Mt Haleakala, the volcano. I was hoping the clouds would leave and give me a better view, but they never did.

 These photos are in the order I took them. 
 This view, without the water, looks like Oregon. It was warm and humid though.
You can see the trail across the way.

I can't wait for warm weather again! 

Happy weekend!

Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Adventures in Hiking

While I still did some running in 2017, hiking was my adventure of choice.  What an amazing world that was created for us to enjoy!

 April 2017- hiking into Walton lake
Hiking to Dog Mountain in WA on the Columbia River
 Attempting to find a snow free zone to hike on Mt Hood.

 Mt Hood Twin lakes- this is Upper Twin  June 2017
Black Butte July 2017

Alaska July 2017

 My favorite hiking memory of 2017- Hiking to McLaughlin glacier in Alaska.
 On my "goal list 2017" Twin Pillars, in the Ochochos.
 Another one on my "2017 Goal List" Mirror lake and Tom, Dick and Harry on Mt Hood.  
My first solo hike.
 Annette Lake in WA
 Little Si- Washington- solo
 Green lakes trail near Bend- amazing!
 Tamanawas Falls on Mt Hood
 Strawberry Mtns- we were surprised by the snow!
 My morning view from Lahaina Pali Trail in Maui. December 2017
It was quite the hike but look at the ocean behind me! Worth every drop of sweat!!
My last hike of 2017:
Snow and nighttime adventure to Mirror Lake- December. 
Had way more fun than I thought I would!