Friday, October 24, 2008

What are You Really Hungry For?

Do you ever find yourself looking for food when you know you aren't hungry? Well, chances are you are looking to fill an emotional need. This week we talked about feeding our feelings without food.

When you feel insecure you may need confidence.
When you feel sad or depressed you may be looking for happiness.
When you feel worried or anxious you may need to feel calm or in control.
When you feel bored you may need stimulation.
When you feel frustrated you may need to feel in control.
When you feel hurt you may be looking for healing.
When you feel trapped you may be looking for freedom.
When you feel overlooked you may be looking for respect.
When you feel lonely you may need contact with your friends.

The first thing we need to do is figure out which emotion is pulling us toward the unwanted behaviour of overeating when we aren't hungry. Keep a journal in the kitchen or your purse and write down the emotions that seem to be predominate.

What non food behaviours will give you what you are looking for?
Here is a list of ideas.

Do a craft or hobby
Walk the dog.
Teach your dog a new trick.
Start a blog about your weight loss journey.
Add songs to your ipod.
Take a walk.
Do a little yard work.
Go to the library or coffee shop and read.
Call a friend.
Watch a funny movie.
Sign up for a community college class.
Put on clothes that make you feel good. (get outta your sweats!)
Give yourself a pedicure.
Try a new look with your hair or make up.
Play a game.
Start a journal.
Draw or paint.
Go take some outdoor photos.
Learn how to play the piano or an instrument.
Take a bubble bath or a hot jacuzzi.
Clean out a junk drawer.
Volunteer at a local hospital, animal shelter, or homeless shelter.

This list could be never ending. Find something that works for you and keep moving forward with your weight loss success.

"If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution."~author unknown

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