Friday, December 5, 2008

What (Gear) Do you Need to Move More?

My pretty red boots arrived today. I love them so much I cannot sleep.
Grandma said I can wear them all day! The look so good when I move my feet.
I know they are making me faster. I know they are making me tall.
I know they fit me so right...I'll be able to run through the mall.
My red boots are so pretty. My feet are getting longer.
They make me feel witty and I think I'm getting stronger! ~Diana Lee, WW leader

Have you ever felt more capable or excited or inspired because of a new item? I know I have. Even when the item isn't brand new, but maybe rediscovered in the garage or attic.

This week we talked about "new" things to inspire us to move more. We know moving more translates into losing more weight!!

I brought a bag of goodies that I like to use or that I've rediscovered to keep my activity or work outs from getting boring. (I get bored very easily!)

Ping Pong- set up that table and use it! Have tournaments when family is visiting.
Basketball- go out and shoot some hoops. If you are like me I'm chasing the ball most of the time!
Free weights in various sizes
An assortment of work out videos. (yoga, pilates, kickboxing, boot camp)
How about riding your bike while we still have decent weather.
A new pair of tennis shoes for walking or running.
My favorite thing is this: Nike+ ipod kit (you do not need to purchase the Nike shoes, but you do need to have a ipod nano)

A few things the group came up with:
Hula hoop
Dance class
Join a gym (even if it's only for month)
Jump rope
New playlists for you mp3 player or Ipod.
Stability ball
Resistance bands
Snow shoeing

It is really important to use different muscles and not keep doing the same thing again and again. Not only will your body benefit, but so will your mind!! Keep it fun or try something new.

Next week I'll be introducing you to the Momentum plan with all new weekly materials!!! I'm looking forward to it.


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