Monday, February 9, 2009

Hold the Cheese, Please!

I have to admit this is NOT a book a Weight Watcher leader should be checking out from the library!!!

I have never been a big cheese eater. I liked it, but could do without it on a burger or a taco. When I joined WW I basically gave it up. I never could find a low fat alternative that I thought was good.

Then we took a trip to Europe and that changed my outlook on cheese. Danish meals revolve around cheese (and wine!) I couldn't get enough cheese and have allowed myself good cheese as a treat. Once in a while we'll have a cheese, bread and wine meal.

So when I saw this book at the library I had to get it. I love the Tillamook cheese factory and this book is celebrating 100 years of Tillamook cheese. It has tons of historic photos and stories of 2nd and 3rd generation dairy farms. It was a good book. It was also chock full of the best cheese recipes of the past 100 years!! I don't think one recipe called for less then 2 cups of cheese!!!! I enjoyed the stories, drooled on a few recipe pages and promptly returned it to the library without writing down one recipe.

I can't wait to plan another cheese, bread and wine night!!!


  1. Lori,
    It is clear from your blog entry that your will power is much, much stronger than ours. Not only could we not give up our Tillamook Cheese Cookbook, but one of our members actually tried to eat one of the photo pages, it looked so good. We appreciated your begrudging praise for our book so much that we made it our Post of the Day at Stop by the site and check it out. We know you'll have the strength to click away when the time comes.
    Jake Ten Pas
    Tillamook Cheese Fan Club

  2. Thanks Jake Ten Pas! Do I dare check out the website!? LOL


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