Thursday, March 19, 2009

Feed Your "Soul"- Not Your Taste Buds

Why Did I do That?

Have you ever asked yourself this question after eating something when you weren't hungry? I know I have.

We turn to food when we aren't hungry because we are getting something from it. Maybe it feels like a stress reducer, or we want to avoid uncomfortable feelings, or maybe it is just a pleasurable break. Whatever the reason, if we aren't hungry and we are eating, it certainly won't help us lose weight.

Sometimes the cause for emotional eating may be that we aren't taking care of ourselves. Getting into the habit of taking care of yourself can help us change our response to challenging feelings.

Regularly nurturing yourself may make you less likely to experience the negative feelings that cause us to feed our emotions. Consistent nurturing improves our mood, causes us to be more positive and better equipped to Manage our Feelings.

Here are some ideas to get the best of every day:

Buy a bouquet of flowers to enjoy
Take a stroll outside to invigorate and revitalize
Go to the library or bookstore
Lounge at a coffee shop while reading a good book
Attend a local sports or art event
Go to the opera, museum or play
Listen to a book on CD or MP
Take a bicycle ride
Go to the flea market
Go window shopping
Enjoy a magazine
Make a healthy lunch for a girlfriend and get caught up
Learn how to do something new (paint, draw, sew)
Take time to perfect your hobby
Get a massage
Get your house ready for spring
Re-arrange and freshen up your living room
Put on make up and fix your hair
Get dressed and wear something besides sweats.
Play with your pet
Paint your fingernails or toenails

Only YOU can discover ways to give yourself the care and nurturing you need...and deserve...which can lead to your weight loss success!

Now go and do some nurturing, because you are worth it!!!

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