Friday, March 6, 2009

Stages of Change

This week we talked about the stages of change.It is a normal part of losing weight to move back and forth among these changes.

Pre-contemplation- Unaware or denying there is a problem or just not seeing it as serious.

Contemplation- Becoming aware of a need to change, deciding to change it, weighing the pros and cons. (disadvantages to losing weight, advantages to being skinnier and healthier, etc) You might be at this stage when you realize your pants no longer fit!

Preparation- Gathering information, supplies, materials, learning the "how-to", joining Weight Watchers

Action- Starting to practice helpful behaviours, recording what you are doing, noticing what's working and what's not, keep practicing until it becomes "normal"

Maintenance- Sustaining the new behaviours over time. This doesn't mean you are at your goal weight, it means you are maintaining healthy habits and eating.

Unfortunately we don't always stay right on that path. We may be cruising along with Action and Maintenance, then something happens and we are trying to remember why we're doing this. (back to contemplation) It can be a crazy roller coaster.

The longer you are at the Action and Maintenance stage the better. These two work hand in hand to get you to your goal weight.

What's going to keep you at these stages? Knowing WHY you want to lose weight. It has to be important to you. You have to know you are capable of achieving success in weight loss. Do you believe you can do it? If you are attending a WW meeting ask the receptionist of leader for an Empowering Belief worksheet.

Write down what is important to you so when your motivation starts to wane you can go back and read it. Take ownership of your goals and your capabilities. Write down what it felt like to lose your first 5 pounds, or get to your 10% goal, or buy clothes in a smaller size. These things build confidence- you achieved this-that is amazing and wonderful!!

You have it in you to succeed. Set a goal and reach for it. I believe in you!!!


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