Friday, July 3, 2009

Summertime Food for Fewer Points Values

What says "summer" more than a barbecue?! I look at grilling as a healthy cool alternative to heavy casseroles. Some of you may look at it as a reason to let down your guard and relax on your weight loss journey. Maybe you think of hot dogs, sausage dog, greasy burgers, and ribs smothered in sauce.

Barbecuing can be so healthy and can save time in the kitchen. You can precook meat then finish it on the grill. How about cooking more then you need and using the leftovers for a great sandwich or salad? And why dirty up more dishes cooking indoors? Trim the fat from your meat, or remove the skin cut down on unwanted calories.

Have you tried grilling vegetables? Fruits? And fish on the barbecue is so good. My hubby has a cedar plank that we use to cook salmon and the flavor it adds is out of this world!

So, if you haven't cleaned up your grill, what are you waiting for?
I have a few recipes posted on this blog for the barbecue. Just click on recipes to the left and scroll through a few pages to find them.

Happy grilling!!!

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