Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's Hard Being da boss!

I've been working on some healthy lifestyle changes and you know what? It's been hard! I've tried to be proactive always moving forward toward my goals. Two days especially I really struggled. I called my son, who is a personal trainer, and his talk was good. He will be here on Friday and is going to give me a workout on his new TRX and then leave it for me while he takes a short trip away with the guys. I also called a girlfriend to get out and walk with. She wants to do the couch to 5K so maybe I'll be getting a little running in also. And this weekend I signed up for two 10k runs- one in May and one in June.
A good friend told me today "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." It's true for me.

Another thing I think is very important whether you are tying to lose weight or get healthier is the company you keep. Are you surrounding yourself with people and friends who are supportive of your efforts? Is your environment encouraging you to be your best?

I want to challenge you to write down the names of people who support you, encourage you and bring out your best. Then make sure you spend some time with those people.

Have you asked your family for their help and support? My husband and two kids are my biggest supporters. Don't expect your family to read your mind and know what you need. Tell them how they can help you.

Have a healthy week!!


  1. Three things have really helped me in the last few months
    #1 - my daughter moved back to town and lives just a mile away and she loves to do pilates and video exercise together and now she is running with me
    #2 my Nike sensor - I love that it holds on to my miles and times and I get a charge out of logging on to my account and seeing how much I have accumulated
    #3 a friend has just been diagnosed with full blown diabetes - my blood sugars have been on the border for a few years now and when I pay attention and work at it, I keep them down - today I am meeting with her to talk about how I can support her -another level of accountability
    Good post today Lori

  2. I love your new backround!
    So true, about the fitness. We all try to stay healthy here in our household. My son is going to school to be a physical therapist, so we don't want to be one of his future patients ! LOL

    As I was just telling Juliann, today my form of exercise was shoveling our way out of the house! We had nearly 15 inches of snow! It is just so gorgeous out right now! Truly breathtaking:)

    Be blessed. Stay healthy and stay warm!

  3. Sounds like you've set some great goals! My son-in-law has decided to run a half marathon on September and invited me to join him. But I'm not a runner (I only walk) and that's just too far, but I guess I could do a 5K - I'll have to look around and see what there is locally..... I've been struggling since Thanksgiving - have never gone over my maintenance weight, but it's been close! Whew! LOL

  4. My DD is my greatest support. She works as apersonal trainer and I have started taking her pilates classes. I love my Nike sensor which she gave me. I am trying to increase the exercise I do.
    My biggest motivation is to look great for my DD's wedding, and to keep exercising afterwards.


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