Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Challenge Week 4

 Barbara has a terrific challenge for us this week.

  So this is my challenge:
To add/replace a different activity from what you normally do.  At least twice in the week.  For example,   if you normally walk, replace with with cycling for 2 days. Or if you do aerobics, replace with yoga or Pilates for 2 days.

Thanks Barbara! If the weather holds I am going to add some bicycling to my workout this week.


  1. I hope to rise to the occasion. After all it's my challenge! I better get moving. BTW Lori, should it be Week 4?

  2. With the rain that we are having, I guess I will have to jump on the eliptical a few days this week and then do my yoga dvd a few days - that should shake it up!


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