Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Common Sense Eating

Why is it that the holidays tend to make us think we can eat whatever we want? I try and keep some common sense year round, but there are just more opportunities around the holidays.

Based on the latest research gathered by the American Diabetes Association here are the 11 best foods for fighting diabetes. I am adding it here on my blog because all 11 foods are good choices for healthy eating year round.

Dark leafy greens
Citrus fruit
Sweet potatoes
Fish (cold water fatty fish such as salmon are the best)
Whole grains
Skim milk
Fat free yogurt

Be sure to add these to your grocery list and menu planning.

Cheers to a healthier 2012!!

1 comment:

  1. Great list - I have switched out skim milk for almond milk recently and have been using coconut milk in my smoothies - yum!
    This week of eating veggie soups and fruit juices has really made me think about the food I put in my body.


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