Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Was Driven Indoors!

I admit it, I love it when it snows in winter. I grew up in Seattle and we got snow once in a while. When we did it was a happy event!!
The snow has been predicted... but I really like the snow that falls happily to the ground and then slowly builds up and makes everything magical and white. That is the snow I want! Instead this is what we got.

You have to look close at this photo to see this was sideways snow. The wind was whipping and overall it was very nasty! That is my house, right there and this is about the spot I turned around. The snow was whipping into my eyes that I would have needed goggles to continue my run!! (what was I thinking?!)
Even Porter didn't like snowflakes going right into his eyes.
I generally despise running on a treadmill, but I have to say it was rather nice to be warm and dry and not to have to put on several layers of clothing. I've extended my aerobics membership to include use of the gym. I guess I could get used to this.



  1. This is crazy! We are now having an ice storm so no thawing here and even harder to walk outside. I couldn't get to the gym even if I belonged to one! I guess it is just me and Jillian again - as long as the power stays on.

  2. Wild northwest weather, isn't it? We are all ice and snow up this way. Definitely indoors for me today!


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