Friday, June 1, 2012

Food Finds

I tend to stick with the same foods when I find something I like, But here are two new food finds to me that my son brought when he was here last weekend.
Yum, vanilla flavored, unsweetened almond milk. At 40 calories a cup it is a wonderful creamy alternative to nonfat milk. I've been putting it into my fruit protein smoothies- yum!!

It has a little more fat and more sodium. A lot less sugar, but a lot less protein. I tend to use my milk servings as protein, but I can't do that with almond milk
Skim milk nutritional info, for comparison

Dave's Killer Bread which started in Portland, Oregon may be harder to find if you are outside the northwest. Now they make a lighter version with only 65 calories per slice. This bread is amazing!
Watch this if you want a little inspiration as well!

Be sure to share any terrific food finds with me as I'd love to know about them.


  1. I love almond milk in my shakes too since I am trying to cut back on dairy
    I also like the Silk Almond Dark Chocolate milk - mmmmmm

  2. Will have to look for the Dave's light version - it's such good bread. I got some of the Almond milk and am loving it!

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  4. We love Dave's bread, and I love his story!!


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