Monday, July 30, 2012

Running Away

Did I catch you with that post title? I love running away from home! Hubby and I were able to get away for the weekend and I always take my running shoes. A new view makes the miles pass quickly.
I opted for running on the road next to the beach as I am not a beach runner. That's a lighthouse way out on that point. I haven't worn my jacket running in a long time. It was nice!
We cannot grow hydrangeas where I live. Wow! It's an amazing beautiful flower.
Gotta love a Viking!
Always nice to add a series of steps to my run.
Do you run away from home too?


  1. Oooh what a fun looking get-away. You are so inspirational that you continue with your running wherever you go!

  2. as much as I can...we are in Sunriver this week...will you be going to the quilt show on Saturday?

    I LOVE Nye to eat at the chowder bowl too.

    I have not done any walking since rolling my ankle, however this is day three of biking and MY THIGHS are killing me....I tell you...its a work out and I am only biking to and from the pool...well..the first day we went from our condo at the village to the airpot and back...lovely ride...but man...I am dog tired.

    Glad you got to "run away."

  3. What a beautiful place to run away! I miss the ocean so much.


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