Monday, July 16, 2012

Running Shoes- Update

Here are my new shoes! This is my second pair of new shoes. I zipped in to the running store about a month ago and got some shoes- same Saucony brand and style as I've been using for quite some time, but they were  a newer model.

I ran in the first new ones just a couple of times and my hips were really really hurting afterwards. I talked to the shoe store and they said yes, it could be the shoes. Well, just a week ago I got the Brooks and I can already tell the difference. No hip pain!  I ran in these all week at Eagle Crest and feel great!!
So, a good shoe store will not only help you find the right pair, the right size, but will also make sure you are in a shoe that will work for you. I did a simple exchange and away I went. Thank you Footzone of Bend!!

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  1. What a great store! Happy to hear you are re-geared and ready to go.


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