Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 12, 2012

This is a great advertising ploy by Nike, but I LOVE this concept! I don't usually put videos on here, but I thought it was good enough to share!
Love this photo!
"The idea behind 'Find Your Greatness' is simply to inspire and energize everyday athletes everywhere to celebrate their achievements, participate and enjoy the thrill of achieving in sport at their own level," said Greg Hoffman, Nike VP of Brand Design & Communications. "Nike’s co-founder Bill Bowerman said, 'If you have a body you're an athlete,' and that's a really compelling insight for all athletes as we celebrate great sporting moments this summer."



  1. Stronger, faster, higher! That is so inspirational!

    I remember when I was young I used to jump from the high platform just for fun! That was so so long ago :)

  2. I agree
    And I cannot wait to see what they have planned!


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