Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Physique Rating- Obese!

If you've been reading my blog long you know I joined the Community Cardio Challenge 7 weeks ago. I do live in a predominately high overweight community so this is a good thing. I was a Weight Watcher leader in my community for a little shy of 10 years and have always had to watch my weight but I do what I can to encourage others.

Here's my before- "standard"- and after the 7 week challenge- obese! I lost three pounds and am trying to take it all in stride, but it is so annoying and discouraging! I know there is only so much a fancy Tanita scale can tell you. (This one belongs to the hospital)
I'd like to let Tanita know I've literally been working my butt off, I can fit into pants that I haven't worn in some time and I don't plan on it knocking me down. I'll just remember this for the next time. No Tanita, there will NOT be a next time! I'm breaking up with you permanently!

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  1. I don't understand - does this mean yor rating was worse after the 3 lb loss? It does not make sense. I whole heatedly approve of this break up!


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