Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 5 Detox

What I'd really like is happy hour with a little glass of wine. Instead I'll have virgin tomato juice and celery.
Today is day 5 and I've done really well with my processed foods and sugar detox. I can't say I'm feeling that great physically, but mentally I'm feeling good. (yesterday not so much, but I made it!)

April is my last whole month of being 50 so I'm trying to make the best of every day. Not very many people read this blog, so I don't mind spilling the beans here.  I've made an appointment to SKYDIVE! It was supposed to be this Sunday but the weather took a turn for the worse, so I'll try every weekend until we get a good weekend day. I never had a desire to do it but the celebrations this year have culminated in my need to finish off my jubilee year in a big way!
I've got a long run planned for tomorrow and I'm hoping to get to it before the rain comes.

Have a lovely weekend no matter what you do.


  1. WOW!!! Good for you....#1..I have failed at the sugar thing and #2...where will you do the sky dive at? I have wanted to do that for years but not sure I can actually go thru it...too chicken these days.

    will you be in Portland to do it?

  2. Good for you! Run a few steps for me. ;)

  3. Just Go For It!!!! I found when I had to go off sugar because it makes me sick, that you will begin to notice the sweetness in veggies. I'm also limited on what fruits I can eat, because of the high fructose and I love all fruits, and really miss them. Best wishes for your run.

  4. Wow, great plans to close out your 50th celebration year! Hope you have a wonderful run today!

    What do you use for running "fuel" on your longer runs? Are there no-sugar options?

  5. Congrats on making it to day 5. I need to start my detox. Plans are to begin tomorrow.
    I've done it before so I know I can do it again.
    Sugar is my downfall. I have to admit I feel much better when I stay away from it.
    Hope you had a great run. I look forward to reading about your skydiving adventure.

  6. Glad you made it through the detox programme! That must have been really tough.

    SKYDIVING?!! You are one brave soul!


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