Thursday, May 2, 2013

My First CSA

I ordered from my local CSA for the first time and this is what I received. I couldn't be more thrilled!! I have not been able to identify the greens on the lower left.
So I got a salad mix, chard, head of cabbage, broccoli and the unknown greens. I'm looking forward to seeing what veggies I get all through the summer.
I like that I do not have to make a full season commitment, but can order weekly. Have you considered CSA?


  1. Look at the beautiful greens! I did CSA for a long time. It's great to get a variety of veggies and to try new ones.

  2. CSA is Community Sustainable Agriculture--think I have that right. You buy into a co-op and then get veggies weekly for the amount you pay. Google CSA for your area to find one. I have my own garden because I can't eat a lot of CSA's have, and I'd have to travel to get it.

  3. Could it be baby spinach? The smaller leaves look like basil. Does it smell divinely?


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