Monday, September 9, 2013

Compression Socks

My days in a nutshell? Run, eat, work, again... Boy do I look forward to my rest days! I thought I'd show you my latest running finds. Compression socks and calf sleeves. If you've ever had swollen legs (or maybe grandma did) you saw her wear flesh colors tight hose. Well, this is basically the same context only cuter!
After my first solo skydive you may remember how my legs, especially my calves, were injured from a hard landing. I looked into compression socks and ordered some to try. The black ones shown below is what I had first. On my long runs they really helped a lot. I'm not going to go into the science of how they work, just want to tell you that they do! (read further for the link on what they do exactly) I have two pairs of running shoes, same brand, 1/2 size difference so I purchased the compression calf sleeves so I could wear my own socks with my shoes.
I signed up to receive email specials from Pro Compression and they send out codes often to get socks at 40-50 % off the price listed.  You can bet I'll be wearing them for my marathon.

More info on compression socks for runners.


  1. Love them...ordered a new pair of shoes - Citron color - so need to get a new pair of sleeves..

    You get new shoes?

  2. those sleeves sure are cuter than those flesh colored things. ;)


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