Monday, October 28, 2013

Hiking Willow Canyon

I wanted to take a hike on Sunday to see the last of the fall colors. Hubby suggested Willow Canyon which is very near us. I knew we wouldn't see much color, but I was game to keep it local. This is pretty much right at our back door, so if you've ever confused Central Oregon high desert with the wet and green of Portland you will see how mistaken you are.
We talked about doing an out and back but our four legged friend, Porter would not have been up for 14 miles. He has already had two back leg surgeries and is dealing with arthritis.
Willow Creek leads to Lake Simtustus which is where this hike starts. (Or you can start in Madras and hike to the Lake)
There are some beautiful rock formations in this area.

Look at the skies! The last 1/4- 1/2 mile we got rained on rather heavily.  And I found a little bit of color on the route.

Hope you enjoyed this scenic view of Central Oregon.

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