Friday, March 14, 2014

Book Review- The Daniel Plan

I've had this read for awhile and am just now finding time to write a review. Everything the book recommends, I agree with!

The premise of the book is based on the 5 F's-

Written by Pastor Rick Warren he admits it wasn't a very spiritual thought when he was baptizing and realized how large his congregation was, including him. (and we are talking girth size not members!) He enlisted some experts and put the Daniel Plan into action.

For me this sums up the book,
" Real food has the power to give you your life back and more fully engage in the purpose of your life. To be able to live with purpose, to love, serve, connect and celebrate the gifts God has given you."

How can you celebrate life and its gifts if you are lethargic, overweight and sick? You can't!

A few quotes from the book I jotted down while reading:

"Everyone wants to be healthy, but very few people choose to be healthy. It's a lifetime of choices, but begins with a decision."

"People rarely change until the pain exceeds the fear of change."

"We are good at planning lots of things but most of of us rarely plan for our health."

Referring to chronic diet related symptoms and diseases:
"If a horse has been standing on your foot your whole life, then you may not know how bad it feels until he gets off your foot. "

"Learn how to use your grocery store as a FARMacy. "

"Our social circles influence our health more than our DNA." (quit blaming your overweight grandmother!)

"When you are feeling good, eating right, life becomes an adventure with an unending list of opportunities to explore."

I like that the book encourages accountability in a group setting. If you've been reading my blog long you know I'm all about accountability. If you need a partner to help I'm all in! Let me know.


  1. Wow, that looks like a great read. Will check my library...

  2. I know a few folks at work who are doing this plan. Thanks for the review

  3. Lori, I can't find he archive for this blog. I'm at the point where the pain is exceeding the fear of change. I'm going to be 55 and its past time to do something about my health! How did you begin? Fellow quilter too

    1. I don't think I have an archive. Please email me!


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