Friday, May 9, 2014

What's in my Box?

I thought I'd start sharing what I'm receiving in my weekly produce box.  I am not involved in a true CSA - Community Supported Agriculture,  in that I can order my produce box several days ahead and most of the time will know what I'm getting. Of course, growing seasons are unpredictable so I can receive substitutions.
There is no question as to where these veggies are coming from (Oregon) and they are organic. I've been getting this for quite a while now and couldn't be more happy about it.

This week:
Broccoli: Pretty much my standard way of prepping it these days is to trim it, cut it, sprinkle with garlic olive oil, (from Trader Joes)  coarse Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper, roasted in the oven until done.
Asparagus: Cooked the same as the broccoli
Green Onions: These will go in a fresh salad
Kale: added to my lunch smoothies
Baby Bok Choy: I love it fresh so will probably add this to my salad this week.


  1. I have been going back and forth on getting a box this year. We have such a great farmer's market and our local PCC has wonderful veggies. They have some great classes so I am always finding something new to try.

  2. I've been getting weekly veggie boxes and LOVE them!! Roasting the veggies is my favorite too. Just simple salt and pepper and some olive oil makes them so tasty!


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