Friday, October 17, 2014

Whats in my Box?

What a great box this week! Wish my photo would have been as good!

Red cabbage: I'm thinking about making a soup with this. Any suggestions?
Acorn Squash: Love to bake them and eat- yum!
Tomatoes: fresh with my greens or with basil and mozzarella as an appetizer
Gala apples: Best apples I've had this fall!  Crisp and sweet!
Kale: Smoothies
Sunchokes (or Jerusalem artichokes) I cleaned, sliced then tossed in olive oil with s&p. Ate a few and gave the rest to co-workers to try. A few bites was fine, but didn't really want more. :)
I added spinach and mixed field greens to my box cause I never have enough greens!

Are you still getting produce boxes or is your garden still producing? Amazing it is mid October.

Have a healthy weekend!


  1. Yes, I'm waiting for a hard freeze to pick and freeze my kale, am still getting side shoots (heads) on broccoli. In past years I've picked broccoli little heads up to Thanksgiving. Still have potatoes to dig, but we got three inches of rain earlier this wk., so it's still too wet to dig in the mud.

    Beautiful colors God gives us. Enjoy now because the snow is coming.

  2. I think it is preferable to braise, sautee or eat your red cabbage raw (ex. cole slaw or mix with salad); if you boil it, it will need to stay crisp. I think the color change if it is boiled to long. I like the braised and sauteed red cabbage with grilled meat.

    1. The last time I had cabbage I ate some raw in my salad and then roasted the rest in the oven. It was a bit too much. I'll try to braise it with meat. Sounds delicious on a wet fall day like today. Thanks!

  3. I'm growing fall sweet peas, no flowers yet! Does that count? The farmers markets have wonderful winter squash. I made stuffed butternut squash last week---easy and delicious. Also the entire stalks of brussel sprouts are very cool. I haven t tried roasting one whole, but I might. OOoh and cider! Yum. I got both apple and pear.
    We have a late growing season here, there should be fresh local produce thru November.

  4. As Carole mentioned, I slice my red cabbage into julienne type strips and saute in olive oil and salt and pepper. Like to serve with pork loin..just about the only way my husband will eat cabbage!


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