Friday, January 2, 2015

Runners Streak Ends

I was up on new years eve and thought I'd get my last mile ran to complete the Runner's World 36 day run streak. Unfortunately I thought I'd be fine without the YacTrax on my running shoes. I stepped off the side of the road right on the shoulder and the road and down I went, hard, twisting my ankle. All was quiet, laying on the ground, it was dark, then my running app says, "Pausing workout". LOL Yea, I'll say !! 

I didn't get in a complete mile but I'm calling it good!
So, that is how I welcomed the new year. I'm looking forward to my first real run in daylight hours.

For now, I'm back to eating a wholesome, healthy diet, limiting my calories because I'm limited as to how much I can move.

Happy new year! Here's to good health and moving more in 2015!


  1. Oh no Lori!! You were so close but did really great despite your mishap! Yes to a healthy New Year! So far I have 2 races on in May and one in November...

  2. I hope that your ankle heals fast. Make sure you rest. Happy 2015

  3. I was so sorry to see that you got hurt just short of your goal but you were my hero for getting out there all those cold, icy days. Rest up - we will be half marathon training soon!

  4. How is your ankle feeling today?


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