Monday, March 9, 2015

More Winter Hiking

The weather was better this weekend so we wanted to head back up to the Mountains and the  old cinnabar mines. 
 Look at the blue beautiful sky! 
 Cool old ovens or mineral separators. We really aren't sure how they were used.

 It had snowed since we were there two weeks prior which made hiking rather difficult. It was hard to keep track of the trail and falling up to your knees made it slow going.
 We hiked into this lake that we like to camp at in the summer. There were other people who had hiked in and were fishing.
I'm looking forward to summer time hiking!


  1. What a beatiful hike The lake is lovely and the mining town looks fascinating. I d love to treasure hunt there!

  2. Ps I thought cinnabar was a red lacquer used in Chinese art so I looked it up as a mineral ore--- seems it is the mineral used to produce mercury! Those ovens probably heated the ore to extract the pure mercury. It s considered dangerous to humans if handled so I guess treasure hunting and rock hunting there is a bad idea. Interesting!

  3. Soooo pretty!! And what a fun destination to get to explore.


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