Monday, June 15, 2015

Seattle Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon update

 The night before the race we had to pick up our number and we goofed around a bit at the expo. The bright lights behind us made the photo difficult to see, but I love it anyway!
 Here we are in better light. We all had the green glasses so I'm not sure why I'm the only one with them on here.
We are big Seahawks fans and had to capture this to send to my hubby.
 We walked back to the Seattle Center to grab dinner and they kept losing me snapping photos! Here's the train station.

 Glass flowers outside the glass museum
 The ever popular space needle. Look at that sky!
Bathrooms, lined up and locked, ready for 17,000+ runners and walkers  and of course supportive family members and volunteers.

 Don't we look fresh and ready to go?!
 Whoa! Look at the crowd! We are in corral 24.......... It took us 34 minutes to cross the start line.
 Still ready!
 We are getting closer to the start line!
 And we are off!
 There were some awesome diversions.
Run Happy! Yea! 
I swiped this photo online but it was my favorite stretch on the race.  Mile 7 was lined with flags representing members of our military who have sacrificed their life for our country. It was shady and right next to Lake Washington.

It was fairly uneventful until mile 11 and 12. We were running on the freeway, it was hot and I was running out of steam.

This is how I pretended to feel.

This is actually how I felt!
 Spent, beat......undertrained.

I was not expecting my son to drive up from Portland to see me at the finish line, but here he is with this great sign. It got me over the last yards!

It's a little like having a baby....once it is over you forget how lousy you felt! LOL
Thanks Juliann and Laurie for making some fun memories!!

What's next?


  1. Way to go! And I love your son's sense of humor. I'm sure it helped a lot!

  2. The expression on your face says it all. Good for you gals..way to go Lori and Laurie along with your other friend. I too love your Son's humor, too funny! Congrats on your finish!!

  3. Wow, your son looks just like Dr. Mc Dreamy in that photo. It was a few firsts for me!! MOD pizza, 13.1, Being in a corral with out animals.
    Thanks for a great time, Juliann and Lori,

  4. Thank u for sharing Lori!! Love reading the blog & seeing your amazing photos!!

  5. You re always an inspiration, Lori. Love the glass flowers!


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