Monday, October 5, 2015

Portland Half Marathon

So, the race I've been training for is here and gone. 

 I finished in 2 hours 29 minutes and am happy with that. Anything under 2.5 is good for me
 Saturday was packet pick up and Sports Expo. I met up with Michele and we had a really fun afternoon together.
 The race starts very early since it is also a full marathon. The first wave leaves the start line at 7AM.
 The line slowly moves up as each wave starts. 
 Not a flattering photo. The headband is perfect for keeping stray hairs in check and keeping the sweat out of my eyes. It just is not flattering at all. (egg head, anyone?)
 There's the start line......finally made it!
Portland is known for their great medals and swag. Along with all of this ,we got a rose (Portland is the rose city) and a cedar tree seedling.

I'm looking forward to focusing on healthy clean eating and giving my legs a rest.


  1. Nicely done Lori! Love the medal and swag! I've signed up for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge run in November..

  2. Congratulations, Lori! Another half DONE!! Love all the hard-earned bling! You are awesome!

  3. Well done! Great achievement and you must be happy with your time. 👍 Keep on running 🙋🏻

  4. Congratulations! That is quite impressive.

  5. Good for you Lori. I just had to share your time with my husband. He has been running since 1975 and he was pretty impressed. Good going..

  6. Impressive! You're such an inspiration, Lori.


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