Monday, January 25, 2016

Wildlife in my Neighborhood

I showed you the flora on my last walk so this time I thought I'd show you the fauna.  

 I'm not sure if these are fauna, but the baby goats are sure cute! This is the first time I've seen them and I drive by this pen every day. 
The deer are abundant in my neighborhood, especially lately. One day a couple of weeks ago I saw 40 of them doing a 1 mile loop! Thsi little gal is trotting over to her friends who were hiding in the brush. 

 They are low volume too! See them?
There were 8 that I could see on this side of the road. 

Have a wonderful and healthy week!


  1. Beautiful, and so much interesting ! THANKS for those lovely pictures, Lori :))

    In stitches,

  2. The deer are beautiful, so many! And I love the baby goats, adorable. Very pretty colorations. Maybe the farm makes goat cheese!?

    I love seeing your flora and fauna, thanks for sharing.


  3. I love seeing the eagles and deer in our rural area..the best reason not to take the freeway if there is no need to.
    Thanks for sharing your rural neighbors!


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