Friday, March 18, 2016

What's in My Box?

I've been out so many evenings I've hardly had a chance to cook. I really do like to cook dinner for my husband- he has been working 70 hours a week and this is one thing I can do for him. He never complains either, which is a bonus! 

He isn't a big greens eater, which we know the produce boxes come on strong with greens in the spring. Here I have beautiful rainbow chard, butter lettuce and kale sprouts. The chard I'll use in smoothies, the butter lettuce will make an awesome salad and the kale sprouts I'd like to try and bake.
I also have potatoes, beets, shallots, and a bunch of green garlic. Pot roast is on the menu this weekend. I like that because we usually have leftovers which can easily be eaten on a busy weekday night.

Make it a healthy weekend!


  1. Yum. I am making my 2nd batch of kale chips this week.

  2. Xer pretty! I made kale sprouts like roasfed brussel sprouts, if yours are the tiny heads of kale. Good and different. The rainbow chard is beautiful, don t think I ve evr had iit.

    Pot roast sounds perfect!


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