Friday, June 17, 2016

What's in My Box?

I cut the pits out of a batch of cherries and will have several pounds in the freezer  for smoothies. Thanks for the tip Juliann!

Here's my produce box for the week.
red baby beets with greens
garlic scapes. I tried to make a pesto out of this last year and it was too strong. I'm opting to put them with my trimmings and make vegetable broth for soup.


  1. So colorful and healthy looking! Great crop so early in the year.

  2. Pretty! Isn't it wonderful, how each week the offerings take on more color? I love garlic scape pesto, but if it's too strong, just cut the amount of the scape you use with spinach! Yum. Going to try kohlrabi for the first time after tomorrow's farm market.


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