Friday, July 22, 2016

One Heck of a Hike!

When I turned 50 in 2012 I hiked to the summit of South Sisters with my hubby. I said I'd never do it again! One thing turned into another and my daughter, Rene, and niece, Hannah and myself found ourselves Wednesday morning taking off up to the summit of South Sisters (of officially called Charity) One member of our hiking party could not make it and I was sad about that. 
But up the hill we went! 

 Don"t we look chipper?
 About 3 miles in we stashed water for the trip down and put on our gators. The debris is ridiculous and this was a "save the toenails' measure! Super ugly, but we were all so happy we had them.
 The view kept getting better and better the higher we hiked. 

 Here are the other two Sisters mountains from the summit. (Mt Hood in the background)
Yay! Made it to 10,358 ft elevation with a gain of about 5600' in 6.5 miles. It was brutal!
 Coming down was almost harder than going up.
 Sometimes we couldn't even find the trail.

It feels so good to accomplish something really, really BIG!

Have a wonderful weekend! I'll be iceing my knees!! LOL


  1. Awesome! Just awesome! You are an inspiration!

  2. FANTASTIC!! The views from those elevations are really something! That is one heck of a hike - congratulations!!

  3. What a fabulous accomplishment. You go girl!!! My knees ache just looking at the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sounds like a great hike! Wow!

  5. Sounds like a great hike! Wow!

  6. What an achievement! I loved the snow. PS can you explain the gaiters, what is the debris, surely not trash!? and how do the gaiters save one's toenails?


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