Monday, January 14, 2008

Support for your Weight Loss Journey

Just as we talked about the importance of attending meetings where you'll find like minded people it is also important to create a support system for yourself outside of the meetings.

Are the people you are surrounding yourself with supportive of your weight loss effort? Is your environment encouraging you to be your best?
I want to challenge you to write down the names of people who support you, encourage you and bring out your best. Then make sure you spend some time with those people.

Have you asked your family for their help and support? My husband and two teens were my biggest supporters- and we all got healthy together!!



  1. Lori,you are such an inspiration! Not only taking it off , but keeping it off, the really hard part. With you in my corner, I'm sure to be successful.

  2. Wow Lori,
    You have done a great job with your blog. I am a friend of Kat's in Ohio and she directed me here. I have been a WW for 3 years now, can't believe it has been that long. My total weight loss was 85 lbs, but over the last year have had a back slide and am now at about 65. The success in that is that I have not yet let my membership lapse. I have continued to go to meetings, not every week and not regularly. I am now working to be back on track, take off the regained lbs and get to goal. I will be sure to bookmark you site and check back often. Thanks.

  3. Glad you stopped by Dottie! I am hoping to offer a little bit of extra motivation because the meetings only happen once a week! Keep up the good work.


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