Thursday, January 31, 2008

Top Ten Signs You Are Not a Super Bowl Fan

10.) You are scouting the newspaper on Saturday for the best Super Bowl Sunday sales.

9.) You believe the nickelback replaced the quarterback around the great depression.

8.) When someone shouts he's throwing a bomb you hit the floor.

7.) You think that a draft pick has something to do with the military.

6.) You think the X's and O's in the playbook stand for hugs and kisses.

5.) You think the Green Bay Packers are the guys who work in the warehouse.

4.) You thought you were a patriot.

3.) You thought that the teams playing in the Super Bowl this year are Bud and Miller.

2.) You think the Super Bowl is the bowl you use for ice cream.

1.) You only watch the commercials and if you do watch the game it is to see those guys running around in tight pants!

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