Tuesday, February 26, 2008

10 Steps to Success

I loved last week's meeting and this week is part 2. I thought it was worth a post here in case you missed your weekly meeting. (I hope not!)

Jack Canfield, who co-authored Chicken Soup for the Soul wrote the Ten Steps for Success and we can use them to help us keep our weight loss going forward too. I suggest getting a pad and paper and actually writing your thoughts down as you read this.

1. Acknowledge and appreciate the positive past.

  • What about this past week or month has helped your weight loss efforts? What have you learned this past week or month that has hindered your weight loss efforts?
  • The thing to remember is that we all make mistakes. Winners are those who learn from the past. Learning what helps and what hinders our weight loss has an impact on our success!

2. Use positive self-talk.

  • How many of you have ever said…
  • This is too slow
  • I've tried this before and it didn't work.
  • I was so bad this week
  • I can't do this.
  • I am not an exercise person.
  • I don't like the way I look so I'll wear these baggy clothes
  • I lost control, I am a failure.
  • I can never reach my goal.
  • I can't say no to ___________ .
  • So, how can we turn these negative statements into a positive thought? It is important to stay positive. Banish the ANT's! (Automatic Negative Thoughts) When you find yourself being negative change your thoughts quick and turn it into a positive statement. Leave yourself positive notes around the house or at your workplace. Find positive and upbeat people at your WW meetings, your family, a co-worker or a weight loss buddy.

3. Acknowledge and build on your strengths.

  • Think about what you have accomplished since starting Weight Watchers. How many of you have lost weight? Started eating more fruits and veggies? Drinking water? Exercising more? Coming to meetings on a regular basis? Tracking? Cooking? You are all good at something on this journey!

4. Clarify your vision and your purpose.

  • What would you like to have happen as a result of following the Flex or Core plan? Lose weight, of course, but what else? How do you feel after losing weight? Can you make it up the stairs without having to stop and take a rest? Can you get on the floor with your grandkids? Do you want to get off your high blood pressure meds? Do you want to run a 10K this summer? Visualize what you want and how things will be different after you've lost some weight.

5. Set Measurable goals and objectives.

  • Weight Watchers has measurable goals including 10%, 25, 50, 75, 100 pound magnets, goal weight, lifetime.
  • What are some goals you have set for yourself? It is important to keep focused and moving forward. Write down your goals. When they are on paper you take ownership of them.
  • Take your measurements. When the numbers on the scale seem to be moving too slowly you have another way of seeing your progress.
  • Other goals can include trying a new recipe once a week to keep you from getting bored, track consistently all week, taking a vitamin every day, etc..

Believe in your ability to succeed!!!! I believe in you!!!

I will post the next 5 after my Thursday meeting.


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