Thursday, March 27, 2008

Adding Steps to Your Day

I got this information from the Arthritis Foundation and thought it was good enough to pass along.

Try these ideas for increasing your walking:

• Circle around the block once when you go outside to get your mail.
• Walk around the outside aisles of the grocery store before shopping.
• Make several trips up and down the stairs to do laundry or other household chores.
• Accompany your children on their walk to school. (your kids need exercise too!)
• Take your dog for a walk or
• Volunteer to walk dogs for an animal shelter
• Walk to a nearby store, post office, or dry cleaners to accomplish errands.
• Pace around your house while talking on the phone
• Take the long route when browsing at a shopping center — don’t visit the stores sequentially
• Stroll around the field while watching your child’s or grandchild’s sporting event.
At Work…
• Exit the bus 1 or 2 stops early
• Get coffee from the machine farthest from your workstation
• Visit the restroom on the far side of the building
• Avoid elevators and escalators: take the stairs instead
• Park in the far reaches of the parking lot
• Designate 10 minutes of your lunch break for a quick walk
• Start an office walking club

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