Friday, May 30, 2008

Storyboard Your Way Through Summer

This week I handed out the Storyboarding sheets. What I want you to do even if you don't have a sheet is to write down your Winning Outcome (your goal) that you hope to achieve by Labor Day. Setting a goal a little ways ahead is always good to keep you going. Below your labor Day goal write the steps you will take to achieve your Winning Outcome.
As an example:

My goal is to lose 1 pound a week for 13 weeks. When Labor Day arrives I'll be 13 pounds lighter than I am now!

What I need to do to make it happen:
Keep my tracker handy and USE it. If I bite it, I write it. Do not go above or below my daily points and use my weekly points wisely.
Plan ahead when I will be going out of town. Pack a small cooler with fruit, yogurt and 1 point bars.
Have healthy snacks in the pantry and refrigerator at all times so I will be prepared if I need to go have fun in a hurry.

OK, so do you get the idea? Make it work for you and keep your eyes on the goal!!!

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