Friday, June 6, 2008

Do You Believe You Can Succeed?

Beliefs are ideas we think are true, and they affect our daily actions. If you have a limiting belief or other negative thoughts it can slow you down or even stop you from reaching your Winning Outcome. (your goal)
You are much more likely to succeed if you:

Believe your weight goal is desirable and worth it.

  • Is your goal important to you? You can have a lot of support from friends and family but you need to do this for yourself. How do you feel when you know you are in control of your life instead of food? Are you trying to improve your health? We generally just feel better when we are at an appropriate weight. Losing weight takes effort and work. Is it worth the effort?

Believe you are capable of achieving your goal.

  • I'm sure you have achieved many things in your life. The same positive qualities that have helped you achieve what you wanted in life (a degree, a family, your first house) are the same qualities that will help you reach your goal. Break down your larger goals into small steps.

Realize that you deserve to achieve your goal.

  • Think of all the people who appreciate you. Surely they would all agree you are worthy of achieving weight loss success. So why is it that we don't think we are worthy? You deserve to feel and look your best. Quit giving yourself the leftovers!! Realize that achieving your goals are important and make time for yourself to do some meal planning, activity, etc. When everybody's needs comes before ours we are telling ourselves that our needs and goals are not as important as others. That isn't true!!

I think Empowering Beliefs can be a difficult task. Use the sheet I handed out to remind yourself that you CAN achieve your goals.

I believe in you! Do you believe in you?

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