Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Highway to Weight Management

Our weight loss journey is like traveling on the highway. Maybe you've hit some bumps in the road, taken a detour or scenic route, gotten lost, broken down completely, or have the pedal to medal and just want to get where you're going. There isn't anything wrong with any of these and just like taking a vacation we all do it differently.

This week we talked about the importance of Preparing Yourself. Just like a vacation you use a map and brochures to plan ahead. Use your Eat Wisely book as a map and review it every now and then to remind yourself where you're going. A few of the ideas we talked about this week were to have healthy snacks on hand, have a small cooler ready to throw a few healthy foods in for a day trip, make sure you can find your tennis shoes and exercise clothes, leave meeting nights open so you can weigh in and get support, and carry your Dining Out in your car where you can use it. What's your best tip for preparing yourself?

We also talked about Learning from Experience. What has worked for you before and what hasn't? Don't keep making the same mistakes. If you know that your motivation flags after 2 months on Weight Watchers what will you do different this time to keep succeeding? If you know that you will eat the whole bag of chips if you buy them, learn from that!! I also think writing it down is a great way to take ownership of it and then make the changes necessary to succeed next time.

When I was still losing weight, one day I realized I had eaten horribly all afternoon. As I was writing food down in my tracker I realized that I had not eaten breakfast. I jotted this foresight down right in my tracker and from then on I made sure NOT to skip breakfast.
Even if we blow it we can learn and move on. It's not failure-it's feedback.

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