Friday, August 15, 2008

Weight Watchers- Then and Now

Weight Watchers has come a long ways from Jean Nidetch and 6 friends in her home supporting each other losing weight. Thank goodness we don't need to make our own ketchup from tomato juice or eat liver once a week! I think the Turnaround Program has never been better and is a weight loss program that we can truly live.
There is a wealth of information at the Weight Watcher Science Center on weight loss and health topics. Check it out.

Quoting Jean Nidetch, Weight Watcher founder:
" I don't believe the Program has changed all that much...Members will always need to know that first of all, they're not alone; secondly, they're not bad people for being overweight; and third, if they really want something, it's within their power to go and get it."

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  1. Lori,

    I found your blog on the blog search. I was looking for someone else who was losing weight with Weight Watchers. I have been doing Weight Watchers on my own for the last 14 months. I have lost 76 pounds to date. I started at 220 and am now 144, but I have been at 144 for the past two months and the scale just isn't budging. I have been working out hard. Counting my points faitfully, etc. Have you ever struggled with this and what can I do to get the scale moving again? My goal weight is 130 as I am 5'2" tall, so I still haven't reached my goal yet, it is so close and I am feeling a bit discouraged. If you have any advise for me can you e-mail me at Thank you so much !!! Elizabeth


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