Friday, August 29, 2008


Quick! What number are you right now on the Weight Watcher comfort zone? If you have no idea what I'm talking about you better get your Eat Wisely book and turn to page 52 and refresh yourself.

If you are in Zone 0 you'd better get a healthy snack before you decide to eat your way through the pantry.

If you are in Zone 5 how does that make you feel?

Regardless of which plan you choose heeding the hunger signals and comfort zone and important components to eating right. Being satisfied is what we want to be most of the time. When you are tempted to dish up seconds at dinner time, ask yourself where you fall on the comfort zone. If you are satisfied, get up, wash and plate and be done. (at least until later) If you find yourself standing in front of the refrigerator ready to grab something, first ask yourself where you are on the comfort zone. This is part of thinking first and giving our bodies fuel to function not eating out of stress or boredom.

Have you ever noticed the blue check marks on etools, in the weekly material, cookbooks and magazines? (all weight watchers of course) Do you know that any time you choose a food with a blue check mark you are making a wise food decision. These are foods that are on the Core plan and that are low in energy density. In other words, foods that are high in fiber, water or air, tend to have less fat and calories and keep you fuller longer. Sounds like some great food!

This week I challenge you to look over the Core list of foods and try something new. Be aware of your Comfort Zone and you'll have a great week!


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