Friday, September 19, 2008

Managing Your Thoughts

This week at our meeting we talked about the negative thoughts that hold us back from reaching our weight loss goals.
  • All or nothing: This type of thinking sets us up to fail. The slightest slip and we've "blown it." (I was good all day then......)
  • Self fulfilling prophecies: we've convinced ourselves we can't do it based on past experiences and don't try. (I always overeat at _________.)
  • Absolute thinking: These thoughts obligate us to do something rather than to realize it's a choice. (I can never eat sweets again)

These thoughts and many others are very limiting. What you say is what you get- whether it's negative or positive. Using the Positive Self Talking activity sheet can help you replace those limiting thoughts with positive ones.

The first step is to notice what your negative thought is. What is triggering the thoughts?

Challenge the negative thoughts. Are they rational, sensible or helpful?

Turn the negative thoughts around. Put it into perspective. What would you say to a friend for the same "slip"?

Remember how you think determines how you behave, and how you think is completely in your control.

Personally, my negative thought was thinking I was a failure and a bad person for overeating or going off program. I challenged that thought and it sunk in that my worth and value doesn't have a thing to do with what I eat or my size!!

"Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results." ~Willie Nelson

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