Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Outdoors is There for US!!

I have always loved to camp, fish and hike. Even though we grew up in the Seattle area my dad and mom took the whole family on outings. In the winter we'd head to the snowy mountains for sledding, weekends fishing and camping in Eastern Washington, and every vacation we'd road trip with the camper traveling all over the West. My husband wasn't raised that way but thankfully he loves the outdoors too.

This weekend we were able to get out and enjoy Clear Lake at Mount Hood. As you can see by the photos it was beautiful! (don't mind my camping hair!) Our son, who attends college in Forest Grove, was able to meet us and spend some time fishing and studying in the outdoors.

We estimated a hike around the lake would be about 3 miles. After my son left, we took off. It ended up being an 8.2 mile hike!! If I would have known it was that long I may not have gone, but am so glad I did. And I felt great! Here is another beautiful view of the lake. (click to enlarge)

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