Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wow! Why Would You Offer Me That?

Do any of these phrases sound familiar?

*Aw, come piece won't hurt!
*You look great-why are you still going to Weight Watchers?
*Don't go for your walk right now; spend some time with me.
*I know you brought your lunch, but let's go to our favorite restaurant's buy-one- get-one-free dessert day.
*Would you like to sample this new food product?
*Would you like to super-size that?
*Won't you have some?- I made it just for you.

Sometimes it seems like you cannot escape food pushers.
Many of you will be around friends and family this year that can actively try and get in the way of your weight loss.

Do you know someone that has tried to sabotage your efforts, knowingly or unknowingly?

Unsupportive comments or offerings of tempting treats may be the only way some people know how to act. For many, offering food is an act of love. (do YOU make baked Christmas treats for people who are watching their weight?) Others may be threatened by your lifestyle changes or success. They may feel uncomfortable with their own ability to change. Do they know they are hindering your efforts? How do they know?

Most of our family and friends want us to succeed, but they aren't sure what they can do to help us. Before you can enlist their help you need to have a clear picture of what behaviour is supportive to you.


  • PLAN...the support you want.

Would you like compliments, tempting food removed, an exercise buddy or just a sympathetic ear? What would you rather they didn't say?

  • the other feels.
Has the family been down this road before? Are they threatened in any way? When you are positive and reassuring, family members might be more willing to help.
  • ASK...for help

Be clear and assertive in communicating what you need. Even if they aren't agreeable, at least they will know what you need from them.

  • NEGOTIATE...about the help they can give
Suggestions such as, "if you clear the leftovers I'll do the dishes" or "take a walk with me now and I'll help you with the paperwork later" create a give and take environment.

If the help you receive isn't exactly what you had hoped, make adjustments and try again.


Expressing appreciation for their efforts will pave the way for additional help when needed.

In order to be successful you have to surround yourself with helpful people. We need the support of family, friends and co-workers!!

Have a successful week!

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