Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Plan for Holiday Success- Part 2

It seems this time of year more than any other time can really throw us off our weight loss goals. Staying on track can be quite the balancing act!!

This week we talked about Eating Smarter and Think First. For those of you that have been attending meetings since we introduced the Momentum Plan should have gotten the Book 3- Stay Ahead of Hunger. This booklet helps us use our body's signals to help us lose weight. I think we have lost track of listening to our body. Are we eating because it's lunchtime, or are we eating because we are hungry? Are you allowing yourself to get too hungry? What does hunger even feel like? What does satisfaction mean to me? Look at the new tracker and use the strategies of filling food and satisfaction. This is a start to recognizing your body's signals. It will also help us to see if we are eating because of our emotions or true hunger.

As you enjoy the holidays keep looking ahead at what you want to accomplish before the end of the year. Celebrate your success! You can do it!!!

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