Friday, January 23, 2009

Getting a Handle on Hunger

This week we talked about recognizing physical hunger and discovering ways to manage emotional hunger. If we only ate when our bodies needed fuel, most of us wouldn't be overweight. We tend to fill our emotional needs with food. Let's break that cycle!
When there are tempting foods around, or we let ourselves get too hungry, or we're just not playing close attention, it's hard to know if or how much we should eat. At times like these, our bodies are trying to tell us something.
When we learn how to maintain that "just right" feeling of fullness, we are better able to make smart food choices, rather than foods that are convenient or comforting.
Use the bottom of the tracker or 3 month journal to monitor your satisfaction level during the day. I love this new feature and am learning more and more to listen to my hunger signals.

I'm sure most of us respond to emotions with food. You can manage your feelings WITHOUT food!! Here are a few steps to get you started.
1. Track your body signals.
2. Notice which emotions send you to the pantry or refrigerator.
3. Think about non-food responses.
4. Make solutions easy to do or start. (I like a short list of things to do for distraction)
5. Listen in the meetings for strategies that will help you.

If hunger isn't the problem, then food isn't the answer. ~ unknown

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