Thursday, January 8, 2009


Keep it Simple & Sustainable

In order to really keep your weight loss commitment it needs to be as simple as possible without tons of strict rules.
I'm sure many of us have lost and gained weight numerous times. The new Momentum plan starts with a basic foundation and focuses on making changes that will last for a lifetime.

Eating Smarter involves practicing two simple skills:
1. Choosing filling foods that will help you lose weight and keep you satisfied.
2. Tracking what and when you eat, portion size and body signals.

The Seven Steps for Success can simplify your choosing and tracking.

1. Look up the Points values before you eat them.
There's nothing worse than knowing you just ate a 17 point bowl of soup!

2. Choose Filling foods first.
Look for the green diamond in your materials or online.

3. Follow the Good Health Guidelines.
We can't be perfect, just do the best you can.

4. Use your weekly Points allowance.
Use the extra points for eating out. Including a cocktail, high calorie entree or dessert occasionally can make the plan livable for you.

5. Keep track of everything you eat or drink.

6. Pay attention to portion sizes.
Just because it's low fat or a weight watcher product doesn't mean you can eat the whole package.

7. Be aware of your body's signals.
Aim for satisfaction- not too hungry or too full.

Focus on one aspect of the seven steps this week. One step at a time and you'll be at your goal!!

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