Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Falling Off The Wagon!!

As a Weight Watcher leader we are not supposed to share with our members that we struggle with overeating or making bad food choices. Well, that is one reason I started this blog. So I could share things that weren't "officially" Weight Watchers.

Well, I am sharing with you now that I fell off the wagon BAD this Sunday!!! I have my tracker out and am back on board, using my tracker for accountability. (and this blog post)

I was host of a Superbowl bash and although we had a great time, great game, and great food, I just overdid it. I wasn't feeling good by the end of the night and I think it was because I wasn't used to eating so much and so much junk. I had my fair share of celery, carrots and shrimp (all low points) but also had my fair share of chicken wings, chips and salsa, and m&m's!!!

Was it worth it? No way! It was just an uncontrollable kind of day.

It happens to all of us, including your Weight Watcher leader. When it happens just realize it's done, it's over with, move on. Don't feel guilty and get on that cycle that's hard to break.

PS- I have already made it clear to hubby that I do not want chocolates for Valentines Day.


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