Friday, February 27, 2009

Tracking and the Simply Filling Technique

This week we talked about the importance of tracking. This fits right in with the helpful habit of Monitoring Yourself. (I hope you have taken the habit profile quiz in Week 4)
Keeping track of what you eat and your activity increases the likelihood of weight loss success and maintenance. You can track by using your weekly tracker, 3 month journal, electronic points calculator, or online with eTools. Gotta love having some options!

Advantages of Tracking:
Limits the amount of food you eat
Increases awareness of both eating and activity
Helps you stay accountable
Gives valuable feedback
Helps explain what happens at the scale
Gives you a history of your success

Even after maintaining my weight for several years now I can look back in my tracker and see what I ate when I was losing weight. It is a valuable tool for me.

Weight watchers is also giving us some options if tracking isn't a good fit for us.

Simply Filling in 3 Simple Steps
1. Eat filling foods- for at least one week eat exclusively Filling foods. Remember Filling foods are the wholesome satisfying foods that keep you fuller longer with less calories and are marked with the green diamond in your WW materials.
2.Eat portions that feel right. Aim to feel satisfied when you eat- not too hungry, not too full.
3. Use your weekly points allowance to eat foods that are not on the Filling food list.

If you have a difficult time tracking this may be a method you want to try. You may want to try it out temporarily. It's just nice knowing we have a few options that will ultimately get us TO GOAL!

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