Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring in Central Oregon

I signed up for the Walk-It Challenge, and figure I'll start right away. So what's the deal with this weather!? Is it spring in Central Oregon??? It has been cold all week. Monday I dress in double layers, hat and gloves- the sun peeks through and I die of heat exhaustion.

This picture shows yesterday's weather. (click to enlarge)This was taken after I got home. I dressed in a single layer (but a sweatshirt and windbreaker, hat and gloves) and got snowed on right after I left for my walk.

Today I tried a mix. Single layer on the pants, and a thin long sleeve shirt with a short sleeve tshirt over that- no sweatshirt, but a windbreaker, earwarmer, and gloves. I was fine as long as the sun didn't come out!! So it's a bit of blue sky, wind, and clouds, but always a mix, so you can never tell how to dress! It is so frustrating!! But that's spring in Central Oregon.

Regardless of my "uncomfort" and the weather I've gotten my first 3 days of a good workout. It is the training for the 5K off

Did anybody sign up yet? Any problems?


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  1. At least you didn't have snow yesterday... lol


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